Soy Melts - 3 Boxes - By Kerryn
Soy Melts - 3 Boxes - By Kerryn
Soy Melts - 3 Boxes - By Kerryn

Soy Melts - 3 Boxes

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Choose any 3 fragrances and save.

All melts have a strong scent throw. They are hand-poured by me to ensure consistency across every batch. I use natural soy wax and premium grade fragrance oil.

My guaranteeIf you purchase a fragrance and don’t instantly love it, you can return it for a new scent or refund.

Raspberry and Vanilla Sweet black raspberries perfectly balanced with warming vanilla.  Not too fruity and not too sweet - it’s just right!
White Tea and Berries The fresh and delicate scent of white tea perfectly entwined with a tantalising blend of raspberries, blackberries and elderberries.
Fresh Coffee Freshly roasted dark coffee-beans with a touch of chocolate. 
Blackberry and Bay Fresh, vine-ripened blackberries mixed with Italian bergamot, bay leaf and softened with notes of plum wine, vanilla orchid and a silky cashmere musk.
Lemongrass and Ginger A combination of grassy notes with a lemongrass with a nice hint of warming ginger.
Sandalwood and Vanilla Woody, earthy mix of vanilla and sandalwood, warmed with musk and a touch of patchouli.
Wild Fig and Cassis  Light musk and warm woods create a base for fresh fig, hyacinth, sheer white florals, and geranium, with sparkling top notes of cassis, grapefruit and orange.
Apple Blossom and Hydrangea Apple, luscious peach, and ripe grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle notes of apple blossom, hydrangea and vanilla 
White Sage and Sea Salt Fresh and floral with a trendy hit of sea salt. With added Himalayan Pink Salt for something special.
Winter Spice Warm inviting blend of cinnamon, clove and vanilla.

Each Box
Contains 5 x large soy wax melts pod either lotus or leaf design
Burn time Approximately 10+ hours per pod (50+ hours per box)
Ingredients Soy wax and fragrance oil