Coffee - Mini Soy Candle - By Kerryn
Coffee - Mini Soy Candle - By Kerryn

Coffee - Mini Soy Candle

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Relax, take a breather and pop on some coffee. This bold combination of fresh coffee with a touch of chocolate is likely to make anyone happy and relaxed.

An absolute must in the morning or mid-afternoon whenever you need a caffeine hit and me time. 

Vanilla, malt and coffee beans with a touch of buttercream and almond.

Mini soy candles are made in white matte finished recyclable tins with a solid lid. Before each use clip the wick for a nice even soot free burn. Replace lid when not using to stop dust collecting on top of the wax. 

My guaranteeIf you purchase a fragrance and don’t instantly love it, you can return it for a new scent or refund.

Each tin
Size 5.2cm x 3.5cm x 3.99cm 
Net weight 50grams
Burn time Approximately 10-12 hours
Ingredients Soy wax, cotton wick and fragrance oil