How to get the best out of your candles

Hi team,

Here are my top tips to help you get the best out of your candles - happy burning!!!

Be prepared. I recommend purchasing long matches and a wick trimmer – however nail clippers are pretty good too! Always trim your wick to the perfect length of 5mm which aids ideal flame size. Remove any trimmings that have fallen into candle.

Burn, baby, burn... The first burn is the most important—the candle wax must pool to the edge on the initial burn. I like to remind people that wax has a memory, meaning that if your candle doesn't burn to the edges, it will begin to tunnel and won't burn evenly the next time. You should also keep the candle away from airstreams like heatpumps and open windows that may cause your candle to burn unevenly.

….But don't burn out. In the perfect scenario, you would burn your candle for two to three hours each time (for a great memory – see point above) and only once a day to prolong the candle life. Burning for more than three hours can cause the wick to form a big head lol – commonly known as a mushroom, or carbon deposit. The bigger it is then the more soot and smoke you might experience.

Keep it clean. Remove any dust or debris that has settled on top of the candle prior to burning. These can cause the candle flame to flicker too high, which leads to soot and blackening – yuk!